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European Inspired Bakery

We pride ourselves on producing a culinary creation that is not only beautiful to the eye, but made with quality ingredients.
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uhren replicaIn addition to the wide selection of items we have available in the store, you may place a custom order online!


replica rolexLocated in the heart of Silicon Valley, La Patisserie is a European-inspired bakery with an American twist dedicated to creating artisanal style cakes, pastries, cookies, & more. La Patisserie has been operating in Cupertino, CA for over 30 years, and is a locally owned mom-and-pop shop. La Patisserie is a specialty bakery that focuses not only on its in-store products, but special occassion orders as well. Its small size allows it to give personalized attention to its clients. By design, La Patisserie handles a limited number of orders per week, thereby ensuring attention to even the littlest details. We thank you for supporting us by shopping small and choosing us as your bakery!