PLEASE BE AWARE OF OUR POLICies PRIOR TO PLACING YOUR ORDER WITH US. Ordering from our bakery automatically binds a customer to this policy.


A half or full deposit is required upon placing your order. Payment can be made in person or over the phone.


A minimum of 72 hours notice is needed to modify most orders, except for fondant cakes which require a minimum of 5 days advance notice. If a store cake is modified to a special order cake or to a cake size larger than 8″, we will still need advance notice.


La Patisserie will ONLY provide store credit to customers who chose to cancel their order, IRREGARDLESS of whether the order placed was for an 8″ store cake or a custom cake. For most cakes (such as our store cakes, speciality cakes, made-to-order sized cakes, etc), store credit will only be issued if the cancellation is made 72 hours prior to the pickup date. For fondant cakes, we need 5 days advance notice for the cancellation in order to be able to provide store credit. No exceptions.

Wedding orders are non-refundable after they are finalized.


It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the order is completed to satisfaction upon pickup – therefore, if someone else is picking up your order, please make sure they confirm everything with you prior to leaving the store. Generally, it is best to have the same person who placed the order to arrive for pick up. Once a cake leaves our store, we are no longer liable for nor take any responsibility for any deemed disparities to any cake including damages made to the product, issues with design/color, incorrect spelling, etc.