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What kind of cakes/items do you have available in the store?

We always have a large variety of readily-available 8 inch cakes (serving size of 8-10 people) in the store. We also have a wide selection of individual desserts, cookies, danishes/croissants, and other miscellaneous pastries. Please check out our menu for full descriptions and pictures.

Do you guys make custom cakes and cupcakes?

Yes! Please check out our online portfolio on our Instagram page (@cupertinolapatisserie) to browse through past samples of our work. We can recreate anything you may have in mind – however, please supply a reference picture, even if it is not exact. Our chef’s aesthetics and visual representations of your ideas may greatly vary from your own personal aesthetic, so to ensure customer satisfaction, we require sample images to make sure we are on the same page as you. 

You may also choose to request an edible image be printed on your cake, or order one of the pre-set themed cakes we have available.

Feel free to check out our custom guide for additional information regarding custom orders and how to get started.

Do you guys sell giftcards?

Yes we do! You can purchase physical gift cards in store or purchase e-giftcards here. The value never expires and can be used towards any item, including (but not limited to) custom cakes.

All giftcard sales are final.

Can you modify any of your recipes to have less sugar/etc? Can I order a cake with less filling/icing/cake? Can I custom order a cake with an ingredient replacement?

Unfortunately, we cannot modify any of our recipes as everything is made in large batches. Furthermore, when we create modified versions of our recipes, they are no longer our tested, original product. Baking is an exact science, and small changes can have large, usually negative, effects. Each of our cakes also have their own set-in place cake-filling-icing ratio.

What is your cancellation policy?

All items are final sale. La Patisserie can only accept cancellations and give store credit for 8″ cakes, with 72 hour notice.

All other cakes (such as custom design cakes and cakes larger than 8″) are final sale and no cancellations, refunds, or store credit will be provided.

I sent you an email and haven't heard back yet. why haven't you responded?

All emails will automatically receive an auto-reply confirmation email sent back in response. If you do not immediately receive one after emailing us, then please note that either a), our email address was misspelled (it may be best to just directly copy it from our website) OR b), the auto-reply email filtered to your junk/spam box.

If you have received an auto-reply email confirmation and have not yet received a response, please note that our team is working on it. We are a small team of people responding to emails while simulatenously running the front and back operations of the store. While we aim to respond to emails as quickly as possible, it may take up to 72 hours during high volume periods.

Can someone else pick up my order?

Yes, but they must know the following information to ensure a smooth pickup process:

  • Full name of the person who ordered
  • What kind of cake and what size
  • (If applicable) Message on the cake

Please make sure the person who picks up the cake on your behalf checks that everything is correct – including, but is not limited to, decorations, spelling, etc. Once the cake leaves the store, we are no longer liable for any deemed disparities with the cake.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

We appreciate having a minimum of 2-3 days advance notice. Regardless, we will always try our best to accommodate last minute requests, but cannot guarantee them. 8 inch store cakes can be ordered with short notice and are usually always available unless we run out on a given day. (Which is why we still always recommend to place an order if there is a specific cake you would like to pick up). Please note that ordering a store cake in a size larger than 8 inches is still considered a custom cake, meaning it will also need advance notice. Generally speaking, It is best to place your order with as much notice as possible – better sooner than later!

 *For any custom cake order with fondant, we generally require at least 1-2 weeks advance notice (depending on the complication of the design). 

 *During the holiday season, please place your order as soon as possible to guarantee we can fulfill your request (preferably at least a week in advance). Though we hate to disappoint any customer by turning down an order request, please understand that it is very difficult for us to accommodate last minute orders, especially during high volume seasons, since we have limited fridge capacity to box and store our orders. Please be aware that we will eventually have to cap our orders and make all store products/items available on a first come first serve basis, meaning we will also be unable to take orders for custom/special order/etc cakes at that point as well.

Do I have to prepay to place an order?

All orders require prepayment (either half or full deposit), which can be paid over the phone or in person. Advance prepayment is required to ensure any orders placed will be accounted for. 

Do you deliver?

Yes! We can deliver anywhere in the Bay Area, but there will be a surcharge associated with the city. Please call us for more information. Otherwise, we are available for delivery on Doordash, Postmates, and Ubereats.

Do you have 6 inch cakes (serving size of 4-6 people) available in the store? Can I custom order this size or smaller?

At this time, the smallest cakes we make and have available in the store are 8 inches (serving size of 8-10 people). The only time 6″ cakes can be ordered are for smash cakes. The only other thing smaller than our 8″ cakes that we can offer are our cupcakes or individual cakes.

Do you have any gluten-free, Eggless, sugar-free, dairy-free, or vegan items?

Do you have any gluten-free items?

The only flourless cake we make at this time is the Fantastic Flourless, which is made with almond flour. We also have rice cookies, coconut macaroons and regular macarons (pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry) that are made with almond flour. For flourless individual desserts, we have the Le Tulipe and Le Chocolate*.  

To our regret, however, it is safer for those with extreme gluten allergies to avoid consuming our products as we cannot guarantee them to be 100% gluten-free due to the mere possibility of cross contamination. 

*Le Chocolate has a few, small chocolate wafer balls sprinkled on top for decoration which are not gluten free, but we are more than happy to take them off for you if you custom request this in advance.

Do you have any eggless items?

At this time, the only eggless items are our the La Tulipe individual and our vegan brownie. Please check out our sister bakery Sugar Butter Flour located in Sunnyvale, as they have more eggless options available.

To our regret, however, it is safer for those with extreme egg allergies to avoid consuming our products as we cannot guarantee them to be 100% gluten-free due to the mere possibility of cross contamination.

Do you have any vegan or dairy free items?

At this time, we only offer a vegan brownie which we offer in-store in a limited basis. Or, you can order them.

Do you have any sugar free items? Can I custom order this?

Unfortunately, not at this time.