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 At La Patisserie, weddings are our specialty. For almost 40 years, we have proudly been apart of thousands of weddings of all different serving sizes and levels of design intricacy. 

For wedding consultations, please book an appointment with us (CLICK HERE TO DO SO). 

The appointment includes samples of 5 of our most popular cake flavors. We kindly request that the appointment be kept to just the couple so we can fully cater to your needs – thank you for your understanding. Please come to your appointment with all your questions, estimated guest count, and pictures of all the sample designs that you are interested in for your cake. Feel free to also browse through our Instagram as inspiration.

Please kindly note that cancelled appointments/no call no show appointments will not receive a refund for the $25.00 deposit and will also not receive store credit.



 Many couples like to add fresh flowers to their cake, which can add an elegant touch to the designs they have chosen. That being said, while we will happily arrange the fresh flowers for you on your cake, they will have to be purchased and provided to us separately. Otherwise, we can also hand make flowers for you from fondant/gum paste or buttercream.

Fresh flowers must be dropped off to our bakery the day before your event date in order to arrange on the cake for you. It is best not to drop the flowers off any earlier than that to ensure the flowers stay as fresh as possible. Please note that dropping off the flowers later than the pre-arranged drop off date/time may result in us no longer being able to provide the arrangement service, so please ensure they are dropped off on time, and be in communication with us if anything changes. Likewise, please also note that our chefs will arrange exactly what is provided to us – therefore, we are not responsible for the quality of the flowers handed to us (i.e wilted flowers, petals that begin to brown/etc).

 *Sample image of a cake with fresh flowers for the design


The smallest size we offer for tiered cakes starts at two tiers with 30 servings. We do not currently make two tier cakes for anything less than 30 servings. Anything over 60 servings will have to be a 3 tier cake, at a minimum.

The maximum amount of servings we create for tiered cakes is 150 servings. For anything over 150 servings, back up sheet cakes will have to be ordered to serve the remaining guests with. Our sheet cakes only come in sizes of 1/4 sheet (15-25 servings), 1/2 sheet (up to 50 servings) and full sheet (70-100 servings). Like all cakes, the exact serving size depends on the size of each cut slice and the type of cake ordered. You can view the cost of our sheet cakes here.


Custom, non-edible cake toppers must likewise be purchased separately by the couple. Customers usually order these items from vendors on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, or other miscellaneous websites.



Cake stands are an optional add-on to elevate your wedding cake and its design. However, they do not come with your quoted cake price and are a separate add-on. For customers who choose to add a cake stand to their cake, many like to purchase their own custom cake stands (also from Etsy, Amazon, Bay, etc), but we also offer cake stand rentals and have a limited range of designs. Our cake stands are available in both gold and silver colors, round or square, and can be shown to you during your cake tasting upon request. We charge $40 for cake stand rentals, and the duration for the rental period is a total of 72 hours.

However, in addition to a $40 rental fee, your credit card number will be kept on file to ensure that the cake stand is fully accounted for. If the cake stand is not returned within 72 hours of your event, a fee of $150.00 will be charged to your card if the stand is returned late or not returned at all.

Gold cake stand example pictured below:

Silver cake stand example pictured below:


While we offer a wide variety of cake flavors, under no circumstances can flavors such as Tiramisu, Mango Tango, or Tres Leches be used for the cake flavor (they are only available in their original form, as pictured on our menu, and are not meant to be used as flavors for custom cakes). We also cannot use whipped cream for the filling OR icing. For the cake icing, only buttercream or fondant icing can be used for stability purposes.


We offer delivery at an additional cost. Purchasing delivery is the most secure option to ensure your cake arrives safe and sound to the venue. No need to worry at all about the cake on your special day – we’ll take care of it all! 

While couples are more than welcome to instead opt to have someone pick up the cake on their behalf or do so themselves, it is important to note that we are NOT responsible in any way and will not accept ANY kind of liability if any kind of damage occurs during (but not limited to) transportation, unboxing, refrigeration at the venue, during set up, etc. Once the cake leaves our store, the trusted person who picked up your cake now assumes FULL accountability for your cake. 

If you have opted for a tiered cake, please kindly note that it will contain dowels inside the cake for structural support. Putting dowels in tiered cakes and heavy single tier cakes is absolutely non-negotiable as this is structural engineering that transfers the loads of the upper layers of cake straight to the board below instead of allowing the bottom cake layer to carry the load and risk collapsing. These dowels help maintain stability, especially when transporting and displaying tiered cakes. Without dowels, the cake will collapse or become crooked, as it will make them too heavy to lay flat and straight on top of each other with no internal support.

However, this can make cake cutting tricky. This is why many clients, especially those who are hosting their event at a venue, opt to have an experienced staff member cut the cake. However, if you do not have access to this, be sure to take apart the cake by each tier and remove all the dowels before cutting each slice. If there are non-edible toppers and decorations on the cake, be sure to remove those too. This is a skill that takes patience and practice. 

This video is also very helpful to watch to get a visual understanding of how to take apart and serve a tiered cake.


Please thoroughly read all of our terms and conditions prior to booking your tasting or placing your order with our bakery.