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december holiday items

Now available to order in addition to our regular menu

Please call to place your order for the holidays – we are unable to take orders online or through email. You may also place an order in the store, but phone orders are highly preferred at this time. All orders require payment. If you are placing an order for December 24 or 25, please be sure to remember the EXACT order number you are given.  

 We will have our normal selection of store goods + seasonal goods in the store the day of Christmas Eve and Christmas, but they will only be available until they sell out. We will take orders until we reach capacity.

 We truly appreciate your patience this holiday season as we are all navigating the new reality we live in. As a kind reminder, masks have to be worn at all times both inside the store and when waiting in line per public health guidelines for the safety of everyone.

Since we do limit our storefront to 2 people at all times to maintain distancing protocols, please expect a wait. The line for orders and walk-ins is the same, but employees do go out continuously to check with customers if they have order pickups – therefore, for those with pickups, there is no need to wait to reach the inside of the store. Simply, line up and we will assist you shortly.

We truly look forward to being apart of your family’s celebrations this year!

 Thursday, December 24 (Christmas Eve): 8 AM – 5 PM (Normal hours)

 Friday, December 25 (Christmas Day): 8 AM – 2 PM (Reduced hours)

Saturday, December 26: 8 AM – 6 PM (Normal hours)

Thursday, December 31 (New Years Eve): 8 AM – 5 PM (Normal hours)

Friday, January 1 (New Years Day): 9 AM – 5 PM (Reduced hours)

Modern Yule logs/Buche de Noel 


  (1) Chocolate cake with coffee buttercream, chocolate buttercream icing 

 Decorations may slightly differ 

  (2) Chocolate cake with hazelnut mousse, ganache icing 

 Decorations may slightly differ 

 8″ (8 servings) – $45 

12″ (16 servings) – $60


 Holiday Cookies *Available until we run out

 Holiday/Christmas themed sugar cookies, White chocolate peppermint, Chocolate peppermint 

 (Additional holiday cookies available only in store)


Decorative Princess cakes – $50, 8″ (serves 8-10) 

 4 designs: Festive candles, poinsettias, snowman, or bells 

As of 12/18, we are unfortunately unable to take any more customizations for marzipan color for these holiday designs, but you can check to see what’s available.

 *NOTE: Each design is entirely HAND MADE, therefore there may be some variations in design


Festive tree stump cake – $50, 8″ (serves 8-10) 



(1) Red velvet cake, cream cheese filling, chocolate buttercream icing 

 (2) Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream icing 

*NOTE: Each design is entirely HAND MADE, therefore there may be some variations in design


Christmas tree coffee cake (danish dough shaped like a Christmas tree, topped with custard and cherries), 8 servings – $17


9″ Pies available to order: Apple, Pecan, and Pumpkin (8 servings) – $17


8″ Pumpkin Cheesecake – $45

 Pumpkin Cheesecake individuals – $6.45 


Croissants available to order: Butter croissant, Almond (filled) croissant, Chocolate croissant 

Danishes: Custard, Custard + raspberry jam, Custard + blueberries, Cherry, Apple, Cream cheese, Bear claw (chocolate and almonds)


 *Danishes/Croissants are not seasonal, but the exact assortment of flavors is not listed in our online menu